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30 Jun. 17

Plumbing Pipe: Repair vs. Replacement

Pipes are one of the most significant plumbing components. Although plumbing pipes are designed to direct efficient water flow, they do not last forever.

Over the decades, pipe tubing tends to crack, corrode, rust and deteriorate. If avoided for too long, damaged pipes can lead to water leaks and flooding that can easily cost you thousands of dollars in home repair.

So, you are left with no choice but to either replace or repair pipes. But, making the right decision can be tricky. In some cases, pipe repair seems like a viable option, while pipe replacement makes much more sense in others. Here are some great tips that can help you make a smart decision:

Pipe material

Some pipes last longer than others. For example, copper, brass and galvanized steel pipes can operate for more than 50 years.

However, the lifespan of the pipes depends on a number of factors, such as usage, maintenance, water quality, insulation and more. If pipes do not meet these factors, they will suffer.

Pipe age

If you reside in an old house, it’s best to upgrade the original piping and plumbing system. This is particularly true if you keep calling the plumber to fix frequent pipe problems. It indicates that the pipes have surpasses their useful life. Older pipes get brittle and are difficult to repair.

While installing new pipes is a huge expense, it will eventually enhance the value of your property.

Lack of maintenance

Well-maintained pipes can last longer than their counterparts. Regardless of how old they are, they will be in good condition, provided you undertake frequent maintenance.

Brown water

Brown water indicates pipe decay. In such a situation, it’s better to replace your entire plumbing system.


PipesThe cost of repiping your home will definitely be more than repairing them. That being said, it depends on property size, type of pipe used, and such factors. Generally, it costs more to replace pipes hidden in walls.

If you are dealing with one-time leaks, then repairing pipes is a better option. Ultimately, a plumber can help you determine whether it’s time for a pipe repair or replacement. They will inspect the plumbing system to identify potential issues.

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