26 May. 17

Common Drain Issues and how to overcome them

The drainage system is the most important component of any residential property. A well-functioning drain ensures smooth flow of water.

On the other hand, drainage issues—even minor ones—can escalate into a much bigger problem in no time. If you fail to get professional assistance, it can cause significant damage to bathroom plumbing. But, when is it the right time to call a plumbing company for drain cleaning?

Here are some signs indicating you need professional drain cleaning:

Smelly drain

If your house smells of sewage, you may want to check the drainage system. It’s safe to say that persistent odour from the drain can be an unpleasant experience for anyone. Not to mention, it can indicate a major issue with the drainage system.

Try cleaning drains with boiling water. If the odour continues to persist, you will have to call up a professional plumber. Generally, the build-up of foreign items, such as hair, grease and such, can contribute to the foul odour.

In addition to this, don’t rule out the possibility of sewer pipe damage. A professional plumbing company possesses the technical know-how and resources in determining the exact cause of the problem.

Slow drain

Slow drains usually occur because of the presence of grease, hair, soap, or other items within drain pipes. It’s important to schedule professional plumbing as soon as you notice slow drainage. If you wait too long, it might damage pipes.

DrainClogged drain

Clogged drain is a common drainage issue. Shower, bathroom and kitchen sink drains are susceptible to recurring clogs because of:

  • Hair build-up in sink. Hair strands get tangled with other objects and obstruct drainage.
  • Soap build-up in drains, including shower.
  • Grease build-up in kitchen sinks.

You can use a plunger to clear a blocked drain. But, it’s better to consult a professional plumbing company to resolve larger drain issues.

Do not take too long to call them. A clogged drain can damage drain pipes and sewer line.

If you’re dealing with multiple clogged drains in your house, chances are the main drainage system is blocked. It’s impossible to unclog it by yourself. A professional drain cleaning company has the tools to unclog it.


Finally, water flooding is the most serious drainage problem. Sewage backup can cause substantial losses to your bathroom.

If you see contaminated water near your floor drain, make sure you contact a professional drain cleaning company.

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